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                                             HEATED GLOVES VS. OUR PRODUCTS


There are lots of heated gloves on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Finding the best heated gloves for your specific needs can be challenging. From gloves with built-in heaters to wireless heated glove liners and beyond, the options are vast. Our self-warming gloves use a blend of next-generation technology, your own body heat, and the environment to provide an ideal product.


Most of the heated gloves on the market come with an external power source that requires charging or replacement. Gloves with built-in heaters are typically powered through some type of battery pack. This battery pack makes traditional heated gloves incredibly bulky and difficult to use. Not only does the battery power require replacing or provide a limited amount of heat, there’s also a risk of some sort of malfunction in the contraption. These types of heated glove provide uneven heat and can’t be counted on to endure throughout the season or even the day.


Staying warm is more than a creature comfort – it’s a crucial part of your health. When you reach certain temperatures, cold weather can put you at a higher risk of various health conditions, and can even have an impact on people with mental health issues. If the temperature drops below a certain point, some are susceptible to things like heart attack, stroke, flu, and more. Make sure to protect your health by bundling up, and using a product that works.


Our extensive experience in electrical and textile engineering, fashion design, and business development gave us the insight to create a new, needed technology. We’ve applied next-generation fabric technology to create the best wireless self warming gloves on the market. Our self warming gloves are perfect for those battling poor circulation conditions like Raynaud’s, scleroderma, arthritis, lupus, hypothyroidism, and more. We used our background in textile engineering and material science to figure out how to make conductive heat and radiating heat interact with each other so that a glove would heat itself.

We spent months testing our product to ensure that it was effective and different from everything else on the market. The testing was done in a refrigerated environment and involved sensors mounted on separate hands to test two different gloves simultaneously. In this testing, FIBREHEAT gloves outperformed anything else on the market, including traditional heated gloves.

We think our gloves that heat up without the aid of a battery pack solve a real issue. We’ve created a fashionable self warming glove that can act as a therapeutic device for anyone battling debilitating circulatory conditions, or for those who just seek the comfort of toasty hands.


One of the most significant things that sets us apart from other gloves that heat up is our patent pending ground-breaking materials technology. Our self warming heated gloves use a combination of your own body heat, materials science, and the environment to generate an even heat that keep your hands warm for however long you need. Since our heated gloves don’t require battery power, they’re less bulky, more functional, and more fashionable.

The way our heated hand gloves are produced is also unique. The machines we use to create our heated gloves are more like 3D printers. Our gloves come off needing little finishing. There is no sewing involved, therefore no seams making our gloves easy to wear and effective. Our unique technology makes it possible for us to produce a heated glove that’s not bulky and comes in a variety of styles and colors for every taste.


At FIBREHEAT, we’re committed to providing the best heated gloves on the market for those that suffer from a variety of circulatory issues. Our goal is to offer some relief to those battling Raynaud’s, scleroderma, arthritis, lupus, hypothyroidism, and more. Through a unique blend of materials science and fashion, our heated therapeutic gloves can offer warmth without making people feel like they’re wearing a “special” glove. Most battling circulatory issues have had to choose between function and fashion when it comes to heated gloves – but not anymore!

Finding the perfect self-warming gloves can be challenging. But with our vast array of options, your search is nearly over. Check out our online store where you can buy heated gloves and a range of other cold-weather accessories that provide additional self-warming effects.

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