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How FibreHeat® Technology Works

Fabrics made with FibreHeat® heat-generating technology intertwine multiple different yarns to produce a highly technical and functional textile product

The smart fabric begins generating heat as soon as one wears it, by taking naturally-occurring body moisture and converting it to heat.

The heat is stored in microscopic heat-packs and also converted into far infrared waves (like the sun, below the visible spectrum). The infrared waves excite water molecules in the body, producing actual warmth.

The fabric’s wicking properties ensures moisture wicks away, keeping the wearer both warm and dry.

Combines Function, Technology, & Fashion

Our patent-protected textile technology makes woven and knitted garments that physiologically interact with the garment wearer.

FibreHeat®self heating fabrics have a wide range of applications

Fashion Apparel


Health Needs


Active Lifestyle


Outer garments

          Cold-weather sports   

Anyone looking to keep

     warmer and look great while doing it

Circulatory disorder and disease sufferers, including Raynaud’s disease, congestive heart failure, arthritis and diabetes.

Outdoor recreation

Outdoor sports spectators

 Cold-climate and  cold-environment workers


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