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 Leather Gloves Size & Fit 

Find Your Size

All hands are unique, and one hand is always slightly larger than the other. Therefore, it is better to measure your larger hand (which is usually the one you write with). 

Glove size is equivalent to measuring the circumference of the widest part of your hand around your knuckles, excluding the thumb. If you are between numbers, we suggest you go up a size for the most comfortable fit.

Hight Quality gloves adjust to your hand within a few hours of wearing them. Flexibility exists horizontally but not vertically. Therefore, the fingers need to have enough length, a couple of millimeters extra on the tip of the fingers. 

Women's Size Chart

Perimeter (cm)   Glove Size      Size

    16,5                       6                   S

    17,5                      6,5                S

     18,5                      7                   M

      20                         7,5               M

     21                         8                  L


Men's Size Chart

Perimeter (cm)   Glove Size     Size

20                         7,5                S

21                           8                  S

22,5                       8,5              M

23                           9                 M

24                          9,5                L

25,5                       10                 L

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