Market Overview


FIBREHEAT™ self heating fabrics have a wide range of applications:

Fashion Apparel

  • Outer Garments

  • Cold-weather sports spectators

  • Anyone looking to keep warmer and look great while doing it

Active Lifestyle

  • Outdoor Recreation: skiing, ice skating, running, hiking, hunting, climbing, cycling

  • Outdoor sports spectators

  • Cold-climate and cold-environment workers

  • Military

Health Needs

  • Circulatory disorder and disease sufferers including

  •  Raynaud's disease

  • Congestive Heart Failure

  • Arthritis

  • Diabetes

  • Patients in certain cancer treatments

         FIBREHEAT™ self heating fabrics are in demand by a wide variety of markets:

          Medical FibreHeatTM Market

  • Cardiovascular Disease and heart/circulatory issues affect 125 million Americans, 49mm Europeans*

    • Raynaud’s: impacts 28 million Americans, 10 million in UK*

    • Diabetes: diagnosed in 30 million Americans, 58 million Europeans

    • Arthritis: 31 million Americans*

  • The world’s population is aging significantly

    • By 2050 the global population 65 and older will be 16% of the total

      • It is 9% today

    • By 2050 global developed-country population 65+ will be 27% of the total

      • It is 16% today

  • Age-related illnesses and afflictions are increasing with the population

  * Possible explanations for the disparity between US and European Cardiovascular Disease levels include lifestyle and diet differences. Statistics for Europe, when not shown, are either unavailable or unreliable

       Outdoor FibreHeatTM Market

SPORTS: The US and European populations are extremely active

      • 55 million Americans, 50mm Europeans are runners*

      • 17 million Americans, 60 million Europeans ski/snowboard and climb*

      • 48 million Americans are cyclists (road, mountain and BMX)**

      • 45 million Americans are hikers**

      • Millions of cold-weather-sport spectators

    • WORK: Nearly 28 million people in Europe and the US work mostly outside

      • 7 mm Americans, 18 million Europeans work in the construction industry

      • 1.1 million Americans, 1.6 million Europeans work in law enforcement

    • MILITARY: American military cold-weather demands are resurgent

      • Renewed Russian threat to Europe

      • Renewed and expanded Arctic exploration is leading to saber-rattling

* 2017 Statista data; figures are not mutually exclusive
** European statistics are unavailable or unreliable

     Competitive Landscape

  • Competitive products:

    • Heat-generating fabrics

      • FibreHeatTM tests significantly better against competitor products

    • Intrinsically warm fabrics

      • Wools and certain synthetics

    • Battery-powered clothing

      • Various brands names and entrepreneurially-produced products

  • ​Competitive advantages of FibreheatTM products
    • No power source: no bulky batteries, chargers or embedded wires

    • FibreHeatTM significantly exceeds performance of other fabrics

    • Strong executive team with unique combination of textile, fashion, finance, hi-tech, and serial-entrepreneurial experience​​